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Neptune Industries Ltd is a leading engineering and manufacturing company delivering Engineering Project Solutions to various industry segments. Neptune offers world class designs, manufacturing concepts & technologies with indigenous & economical project technology solutions to its clients. Neptune provides total customer satisfaction through best quality services, timely project execution, turnkey projects, turnkey project solutions, turnkey services, turnkey manufacturing project, turnkey manufacturing services, turnkey manufacturing projects, turnkey manufacturing plant, Turnkey Solution Services and accomplishment of assured results at site. Neptune's engineering and manufacturing solutions are known for their performance, innovative but economical production technologies and high reliability standards.
For Clients, Neptune plays very important & vital role in bringing the latest technology at cost effective proposition. Neptune is a forward looking and innovative engineering partner for many of its ever-satisfied customers.  For such clients, Neptune is the preferred engineering partner & co-supplier of relevant technology from the leaders of the world. Neptune strive for providing complete solution from manufacturing idea to real commercial production (concept to commissioning) on turnkey based project managements and with guaranteed performances.
fly ash concrete blocks
Neptune offers engineering project solutions along with Technical Services to diverse industries segments such as :
  • High Strength Concrete Pavers & Blocks
  • Fly Ash Technology
  • Innovative & Versatile Red Clay Bricks & Blocks
  • Ceramics Industry
  • HT & LT Electrical Insulators
  • Waste Recycling Process & Products
  • Solar base Equipment Solutions
  • Contract Manufacturing Services
At Neptune we believe that Our Strengths are:
  • Ability to execute large and complex projects on a turnkey basis in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Operations in diverse and complementary projects.  
  • Dedicated, Transparent and Customer's friendly approach
Neptune Industries was founded in 1992 and since last Five years Neptune has steadily witnessed a growth rate of 80 % on year on year basis. Now Neptune has become 15 Million $ Turnover company and has been recognised as one of the fastest growing engineering enterprise in India.
Neptunewas envisioned by late Shri Vasantray Panchal, an entrepreneur from 100 year old experienced Blacksmith family. This inheritance and artisan of the engineering skills has been a back-bone for Neptune to groom itself into the present day global business model.
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