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fly ash brick making machine Neptune Frima (NF) Series

Main Features of NF - Machine Type HP

  • board size max 1400 x 700 mm
  • minimum product height 40 mm, maximum product height 300 mm
  • suitable for production on wooden boards, plastic boards and steel plates
  • 2 pieces of vibrators, each independent driven, speed controlled by frequency converter or speed- and amplitude controlled as option
  • solid vibration table, designed in one-piece, with adjustable beams
  • tamper head with cylinder for lifting and lowering
  • tamper head with two top vibrators as option
  • complete filling unit for base mix
  • complete filling unit for face mix
  • base mix filler car with hydraulic operated agitator
  • both filler cars top guided to prevent lifting off
  • face mix unit hanging in own frame with 4 columns
  • mouldlocking in pneumatically, tamper screwed to the tamper head
  • pallet feeder speed controlled by proportional valves
  • hydraulic unit with flow- and power controlled pump
  • cooling/heating system designed for cold and hot areas
  • electronic control system based on Siemens Simatic S7
  • teleservice unit
  • control desk for manual and automatic operation
  • parameter settings by touch panell
  • all components from 1st class suppliers like Bosch, Siemens etc.
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