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Special Features

Centralized Control :

The whole process of the Concrete Block Making Machine line adopts centralized PLC control from the very beginning of material mixing to finished pallet products. Neptune adopts international standard mode, which gives long life of the Machine, low energy consumption and international level Product Quality.

Vibration system :

The vibration system is made up with two parts, they are platform oscillation and pressure oscillation, and we can change the oscillating mode to suit for different products. The oscillating is drove by hydraulic pressure, controlled by PLC, which bring resonance and finally gain the aim of adding material with low frequency and molding with high; it can also save 80% energy, with safety and long life of the system.

Vibration system adopts machine & mould co-vibration drive by hydraulic pressure, control the upright resonance, gain the aim of adding material with low frequency and molding with high, storing and dividing material device, computerized material supplying, avoid exogenous effects to material, ensure material supply with well-proportioned, to cut down the intensity error of products.

Manipulative System :

The system is provided with PLC manipulative system, human and machine interface, LCD, intellectualized control, which diagnoses faults automatically which is very convenient and helps in safe operation of the Machine.

Robust Design :

The whole machine adopts durable design, applying special jointing techniques to make it more durable. The Pallet System, adopt simulative control, combined with the technology of hydraulic pressure sense transfer; it gives trouble free operation of the Machine.

Fly ash brick features :

Sr. No. Particulars Specifications Remarks
1 Weight of Bricks 2.75 - 3.25 Kg / Brick Depend upon Sand quality
2 Compressive Strength 50-80 kg/cm2 -
3 Water Absorption 12-16% Depend upon product recipe
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