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semi automatic concrete brick making machine Neptune Frima (NF) Series

NF - Visual System

For visual responsibility NF use a standard personal computer in industrial design inclusive keyboard, mouse and flat screen.

The jobs of visual system are :
  • graphic presentation of machines or complete production lines
  • indication and recording of all reasons for product interruption in plain text
  • indication and setting of all variable parameters
  • saving all variable parameters as recipe
  • aquisition of production parameters like cycle time and produced quantity

The visual system is connected to the PLC by the fast Profinet ( Ethernet ).
The use of the Profinet makes it possible to connect both to a higher company network.

The machines are graphic represented in 3D and are free rotating and zooming. The reprentation shows the actual positions and reports in real time.
  semi automatic concrete block making machine   semi automatic block making machinery
semi automatic concrete paver block making machine   semi automatic concrete paver block machinery  
For production needed parameters are represented clear and free changeable for fast adjustments to produce different products.

The visual system records user inputs and allows to save complete machine settings as recipes. The number of recipes is unlimited.
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