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paving block plant Neptune Frima (NF) Series

NF - Plant Details

NF Mixing and Batching Plant

  • 6 aggregate silos
  • 1 travelling weight hopper
  • 2 skip hoist
  • 1 base mixer planetary 2250/1500 liter, 3000/2000 or 3750/2500 liter mixer
  • 1 face mixer planetary 500/330 l or 750/500 l
  • 4 cement screws
  • 2 cement weight hoppers
  • water dosing by micro waves
  • 2 admixture pumps
  • bucket conveyor, double bucket or 2 feeding belts mixers to machine
  • both filler cars top guided to prevent lifting off
  • control system mixing/batching
  • separate visual system
  • colourstation for dry colour as option
  Complete NF Block
and Paver Plant as Fully
Automatically Version
full automatic concrete block making plant
NF production plant type HP NF production plant type HS
  • NF machine type HP
  • sliding conveyor wet line
  • elevator
  • hydraulic system wet line
  • control system wet line
  • visual system wet line
  • lowerator
  • sliding conveyor dry line
  • gap closer
  • cuber
  • slat conveyor
  • board turner
  • board buffer system
  • hydraulic system
  • control system
  • visual system
  • finger car system (turntable as option)
  • control system finger car system
  • same as HP
  • additionally buffer for empty pallets
  • bigger mixer size if required
  • hydraulic unit with higher capacity
cement block making plant Fully automatically
NF plant in
compaced design

Finger car with turntable

mixing plant inside
the hangar on
2nd level for saving
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